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The isle is full of noises… 


Do not be afraid…


Northern Lights…


May the Good Lord…




Lockdown Canon represents a fine example of initiative and creative collaboration as a response to the challenge faced by choirs during the pandemic. Initiative – as Kathryn Ridgeway brought together a poet, composer, singers and a video producer to create, perform and produce an original work.  It is a local collaboration bringing together the talents of composer Michael Lewis, poet Stephen Carr and The Maidstone Singers. It is also a fusion of art and technology. Each singer individually rehearsed and recorded their part and it was then edited and put together by Kathryn and Jonathan Vincent (a talented local composer sound designer, producer and arranger)

The first venture into virtual performance and a World Premiere and it really was the first time the piece was heard with all four voice parts singing together.  A unique experience!

Michael Lewis said: “Congratulations on your virtual performance; it was an absolute triumph both musically and technically. Please pass on my deepest thanks to all involved in producing such an excellent performance of my piece”.

Stephen Carr said: A beautiful performance; it is quite humbling to hear my words to Michaels serene music.”

What is even better, is the prospect of everybody working together in the future on new and live performances.


Here is ‘Lux Aurumque’ by Eric Whitacre as performed by The Maidstone Singers in the Igreja de Lapa, Porto on the 26th April 2014 during their tour of Portugal and Spain:

A video clip of The Maidstone Singers performing the Sancta Mater from Karl Jenkins’ Stabat Mater with the Przemyski Chor Kameralny and the Przemyska Orkiestra Kameralna in Poland in 2011. Conductor: Jeffery Vaughan Martin; mezzo-soprano: Stephanie Crooks.

And also the Virgo Virginum:

More video clips from The Maidstone Singers’ Tour of Poland in April 2011:

(All the above are courtesy of our hosts in Przemysl.)

Here is a video of Gabrieli’s ‘Jubilate Deo’ from the choir’s recent tour of Malta (recording by Stephen Hannant):


Here are some AUDIO clips of our Christmas concerts….(recording Brian Shaw).